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.::^_~::. Heartbeat ker tu?

Today’s Entry

Jar of Hearts - Sam Tsui Cover

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MAD Deal Of The Day

Carilah personalitimu bersama Milo Fuze Jam Pack

Magic of American Idol with Ford Contest

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Motivasi dan Bimbingan : Harta jumpa kena serah

Submit your mug-shot and let us hunt YOU down! If convicted, you will be punished for a year of partying or get an iPhone 4 so the "police" could check on you! #axepolice

Love is in the air. And I can't wait to spend the entire evening shopping for the perfect gift for my boyfriend.. No stress! Why? Because @Jipaban is bringing shopping to a new level! Online shopping rocks.

When .::^_^::. Says….

February 1st : Happy Wilayah Day

Dunia : Unik dan Aneh .::^_^::.